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The Importance of Oil Changes

Did you know that oil changes are the easiest and cheapest services to perform on your vehicle and if not done regularly can cause the most expensive repairs?
        The purpose of motor oil is to keep your engine cool and lubricated. Failure to upkeep this routine maitenance could cause severe damages to your motor, the oil could lose it's density and become like water, causing more friction and tiny fragments of metal will start to break off and travel through the engine causing severe damage. The motor oil could also become sludgy and will not pass through the motor easily and still cause friction due to lack of proper lubrication and will also cause tiny metal fragments to break off and further damage your motor and cause it to seize. 

- A/C Service
- Oil Changes
- Tires
- Lift Kit Sales & Installation
- Vehicle State Safety Inspections
- Tune Ups
- Timing Belts & Chains
- Vehicle Undercoating 
- Engine Rebuilds
- Computer Diagnostics & Programmings 
- Electrical Reapir
- Body Repair
- Vehicle Restorations
- Exhaust Sytems
​- Welding

 Sea Foam Treatment

  Did you know that gas companies are adding Ethanol into our gasoline?
                Ethanol does not harm larger engines but can gretly speed up the process of carbon to build up sooner inside our motors and reduce your MPG over time. Sea Foam treat is a service we offer to clean out the carbon that builds up inside of your engine. Sea Foam can be bought at your local auto parts store. But our method is to inject the Sea Foam directly into your engine through an IV for optimal results, so you can get back on the road and save hundreds of dollars on gas. 

      Please feel free to call and ask for more information on the Sea Foam treatment and to hear what else it can benefit for your vehicle. 
  ​Throttle Body Induction Service
      Throttle Body Induction Cleaning is also another service that we recommend getting done with the Sea Foam Treatment. The throttle body controls the amount of air flow into your vehicle. And over time the Induction system gets dirty with carbon build up and causes the throttle plate to stick and reduce airflow causing decreased horse power and fuel economy. We offer a service to clean out the induction system and to restore proper airflow and increase the vehicle’s performance, horse power and better fuel economy.